The Interview Loop by Hopaloop

Interview with Mr. Stephen Wong – Green Finance through the BRI

Hopaloop attended the Belt and Road Summit 2018 at the HKCEC. Green Finance in BRI is one of the most discussed topics of the summit. An exclusive interview with Mr. Stephen Wong, the deputy Executive Director and Head of Public Policy Institute Our Hong Kong Foundation. Hopaloop: What’s your take on Green Development and Hong Kong’s role in it as part of the Belt and Road Initiative? Mr. Wong: Green development is a revolution which is happening faster than digital revolution. The idea of polluting and fixing later on is clearly not working and aggressive steps needs to be taken to prevent pollution. Green bonds are a major tool to finance the financing gaps and Hong Kong is an emerging market in that front. Hong Kong is also one of the leading financial centres with a unique ...

Interview- Meet the creator of Ripple: Ayumi Adachi – deTour 2017

Ayumi Adachi is the creator of this masterpiece called ‘Ripple’  She is an artist from Japan who is living in Hong Kong since 1996. She began her art journey in Hong Kong since then and has been a freelance artist for the past ten years. She has displayed her art in various arenas and her solo and group exhibitions have been showcased in Hyogo, Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Her artworks are in the permanent collections of Four Seasons Hotel (HK) and Shangri-La Hotel (HK & Tokyo, China). deTour’s Harmonious Chaos exhibits the artist’s large-scale installation of ‘Ripple’. She says that the installation took her almost a week and building the artwork itself took her more than 2 years. She has plans for shows in Osaka, Japan next year and another show for Hong Kong ne...

Interview – Design ninjas weave words at deTour 2017

In the art scheme of things, this cheerful group of architects are on a beautiful journey along with deTour 2017; realising their dreams, one weave at a time. At first glance, the art installation looks exactly like a bamboo scaffolding that you see on one of Hong Kong’s many skyscrapers. The design ninjas, as we would like to call them (the artists – Malina Dabrowska, Jasper Stevens, Martyna Marciniak, Eunice Tsang, Mario Bobbio) say it is a bamboo scaffold with a sound twist – A tapestry that is surrounded with voices, sounds, nostalgia and memories translated into seismograph and machine language that would be a fine, artistic recording of the deTour festival itself. Malina, Jasper and Martyna graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London), Eu...

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