Tintin begins his Hong Kong Adventures



Tintin adventures in HK
Tintin begins his Hong Kong adventure

The exhibition by HOCA includes three specially made models of Tintin scenes, including a model of Tintin’s apartment. You can see how Hergé was meticulous with his detailing of signature Tintin cars, from learning about cars for accurately rendering the automobiles of that time. They have aptly tried to recreate the magical world of Tintin and gives us scope for limitless imagination.

For exploring more of Tintin’s legacy, the world’s foremost Tintinologist, Michael Farr (Featured in this comic) is invited for lectures on the importance of comic art in contemporary society.

In this series, Hopaloop is on a journey with Tintin as he visits Hong Kong, explores his own exhibition by HOCA, meets his creator and begins his adventures in the heart of the city.


Exhibition Details:

“The World of Tintin”

Date: November 17th – December 26th, 2017

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 12 – 8 PM

Venue – ArtisTree 1/F, Cambridge House, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


The Tintin cartoons are being screened every day at the venue at 7 PM. Don’t miss it!