5 mistakes to avoid when planning a trip to Hong Kong

Planning a trip to Hong Kong

5 mistakes to avoid when planning a trip to Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong is simple and easy. For many people, it is a transit tour, it is something they might or might not have planned. It is, however, something special!

Expectations are created, but often plans are not made. And Hong Kong is a big city and, more than that, an intense city with many things to do. And therefore, planning is critical. After almost 4 years of writing about the city and following tourists’ doubts about planning a trip, there are “mistakes” that are repeated. Having said that, we must remember there is no right and wrong in travel, but we hope these tips can help you enjoy Hong Kong a lot more!

Traveling by a checklist

You’ll find thousands of suggestions for things to do in Hong Kong, both here on the blog and on numerous other blogs, websites, books and magazines. But the most important thing to remember is – this is your trip! You don’t need to go somewhere just because everyone goes or because someone has told you so. You don’t feel like going to the peak because the queue to the tram is taking up all your time? Well, there are less time consuming, cheaper alternatives to get to The Peak! Just get a taxi or a mini bus or even a bus and it will save your day! Trust me, you can always enjoy a tram ride across the city later for amazing views for the best price! Enjoy every moment! And allow yourself to change your mind as you please!

Visiting too many places on the same day

Think about the real reasons why you want to visit all these places in the first place. Is it because you want to cover as much as you can in your short trip? Or just because someone’s Instagram inspired you to go? Remember that travelling in a hurry might not be worth it (unless it is just for an Instagram picture) Try the slow travel technique while you are here! Pick just one or two spots per day and plan it well! You might even save time and energy for an impromptu third spot for the night 😉 Nightlife in Hong Kong is, well, unparalleled and Hopaloopers can vouch for it!

Being afraid to take public transport

When travelling around the world, cars and cabs are preferred by tourists and we understand the hesitation to ride the MTR or take a local bus! But if there is one thing to remember when you are in Hong Kong, the MTR and public transportation will be your best friend! If you are afraid of getting lost, do take the public transport and trust me you will rid your FOMO at once! Travelling like a local will optimize your time and makes your travel more authentic and adventurous!

Searching for HK Island Hotels only

The fear of missing out on opportunities can be unnerving but remember the goodness of lesser known things! HK island is not going anywhere, neither are you going to end your trip without visiting it. So, you don’t have to always plan your stay right in the center of the city. You can explore other parts of the city with quick access to the MTR and bus stands. Kowloon is a great spot, it is more laid back and perfect for accessing various places across Hong Kong. Stay in a place where you feel less overwhelmed and where you can enjoy more!

Not buying tickets in advance

We often tend to under-plan this important element of travel. It is understandable you might be afraid to buy a ticket to The Peak and catch bad weather. The same goes to visiting the Big Buddha. But remember, buying tickets to famous tourist attractions at the time you get there will cost you something precious -time! Not to mention the availability issues. Some spots – like Big Buddha, have long queues for ticket purchase and boarding. Buying your tickets online makes your trip more organized especially with indoor attractions.

Oh and a pro-tip is you can even buy tickets online when you are already in the spot!!

Our favorite apps that helps us through travelling in Hong Kong are: