Hong Kong Streets

Street Market Hopping in Hong Kong

  These are places in Hong Kong where you can shop all day and not break your pockets. Shopping in Hong Kong’s many street markets is the best way to experience the vibrancy of the city. Ladies Market – Mongkok No one goes out of Hong Kong without visiting and bargaining in the famous Ladies market in Mongkok. This place is so full of tourists that you feel the whole world is shopping in that one street. Although it is called a Ladies market, you get clothes for everyone here. You can also find quirky Chinese curios and keepsakes sold here.   Temple Street Market – Jordan This is a night market that sells gadgets and electronic goods, including a wide range of second-hand mobile phones. During the night, this street and its adjoining streets transform into a well-lit area as the ...

Day Trips in Hong Kong – Top 3 Options

Being a tourist in Hong Kong, you are often caught with the time conundrum. Day trips can be very hectic if not planned well and ahead. The city also moves at an unnerving pace. You are most likely to spend your time thinking about what to do, despite meticulous initial planning. Hong Kong has a lot to offer for tourists who visit through the year. You might not be able to hit the picturesque beaches during winter but you can take a ferry trip to one of the outlying islands. You might not get an opportunity to enjoy the excellent peak view by hiking during summer but you can definitely make your trips memorable any time of the year with Hopaloop’s suggestions! Things to do in Hong Kong in one day – Street Market-Hopping in Hong Kong Shopping Malls-Hopping in Hong Kong Ferry-Hop...

Secret Lives

  Down below, I saw some secret lives Hungry fishes feeding on dragonflies. My thoughts tied in colourful lures, I grow wings as my mind cures.

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