The Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai Bridge – All you need to know

Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai bridge


The Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai bridge has been opened to public on 24th October 2018. The world’s longest sea crossing bridge connects the two administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau with the mainland, seamlessly. The huge infrastructure project started 9 years ago and after a lot of ups and downs, it is finally open to public.

Hopaloopers planned a quick day trip to Macau to checkout the new bridge by bus and see how it differs from other modes of transport.

Five things we love about the Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai Bridge:

  1. Lowest fares from Hong Kong to Macau and back – There is no beating this one for a long time! It is the cheapest way to travel back and forth. 130 HKD is all you need! wait, that’s for a round-trip! Yes, it is that cheap!
  2. Convenience – Having said it is the cheapest, there is only one other thing that would make it the best – which is the ease of the journey. Forget choppy-water ferry rides and startling copter rides and get the smoothest ride to the city of dreams (In Asia) 🙂
  3.  The HK-side passenger clearance building – This must be one of the architectural beauties we can find in Hong Kong, only next to the bridge itself. The building takes the ocean for inspiration and it’s wave-like structure leaves you in awe! It serves as an entry point to the HKMZ Bridge from Hong Kong. If you don’t want to go to Macau or Zhuhai, you can totally visit the clearance building just to see how beautifully it is done (just don’t enter the unauthorised areas)
  4. Accessibility – The whole point of this bridge is accessibility. Seamless and quick access to the mainland and Macau, keeping the greater bay development in mind
  5. Get to see pink dolphins, if lucky – Yes! 20 minutes onto the journey from Hong Kong on a clear sunny day, we got to see 4 pink dolphins jumping over the subtle sea waves. It was surreal and totally worth it

How to get to the Passenger clearance building in Hong Kong side?

Use local transport to get to the Hong Kong side of the port, which is the clearance building on an artificial island. You can take any of these buses to get to the port – A11, A21, A22, A29, A31, A33X, A35, A36 and A41. Alternatively, feeder bus routes B4, B5 and B6, will run between the port, the airport, Tung Chung and Sunny Bay on Lantau Island. There is also a green minibus route ‘901’ that you can take from Tung Chung.

Cross-border coaches are available from the port as frequent as one in ten minutes.

From Macau port, after clearance, there are free shuttle services to the city ferry terminals, hotels and even casinos.

How to get to the Passenger clearance building in Macau side?

There are two ways to get to the port from Macau city. One from Taipa Ferry Terminal and the other from Macau Ferry Terminal. Take the free-shuttle from either of these places to the HKMZB ports in Macau for clearance. Make sure you have a valid Hong Kong visa when you travel.

Travel time :

  • Hong Kong to Macau – 45 minutes
  • Macau to Hong Kong – 45 minutes

HKMZB Ticket Fares:

  • 65 HK $ – In the day
  • 70 HK $ – Night fare

You can access the ticketing booths and stalls only after clearing the immigration in the departure halls on Hong Kong side.


  • Day – Every 5 minutes during peak hours. 10-15 minutes during off-peak hours
  • Overnight – 15-30 minutes

How long is the bridge?

55 KM which includes the undersea tunnel that is around 7 KM long

Tourist Information:

  • Make sure you have valid Hong Kong/ Zhuhai/ Macau visa when you travel
  • Note that local/ Private vehicles are not permitted on the bridge, no taxis too
  • If you plan a day trip, try to take the bus in the night – the bridge looks stunning at night too
  • You cant get off the shuttle buses to use the loo, so make sure you are comfortable for the 45 minutes journey
  • If you plan to take instagrammable pictures of the bridge from inside the bus, well, good luck with that! 🙂


Control booths at the junction


Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai bridge
The driver of our coach to Macau


Entrance of the passenger clearance port in Hong Kong
Inside the HKMZB Hong Kong side port
Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai bridge
Colourful design at the HK port
Wave-like structure


Zhuhai City
Macau clearance port as we get off the shuttle
Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai bridge
Macau Side
The Venetian – Macau