RISEConf is back in Hong Kong – July 9 -12, 2018


What is RISE?

RISEConf is one of the largest global conferences which is hailed as one of the biggest tech conference of its kind for startups and investors in Asia. The conference brings together world’s leading startups under one roof.

What to expect this year?

  • Amazing list of speakers.
  • PITCH – The startup battle
  • Mentor Hours
  • Find opportunities to connect with potential customers and influential executives. New connections, new leads and new networking opportunities that more than lives up to your high expectations. Experience the most unusual and thrilling pub and night summits.

RISE brings a wide spectrum of conferences you can choose from based on your area of business or interest:

Where is RISE happening?

Event: RISE 2018 

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Dates: July 9-12, 2018

What else to do in Hong Kong during RISE?

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Here are some spots to undiscover in Hong Kong:

Tai Kwun - Contemporary Arts, Performance Arts, Heritage and Culture Hub

Street Markets Hopping in Hong Kong

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