deTour Creative Fest 2017 – PMQ Hong Kong


This holiday season, come experience the creative side of Hong Kong with deTour. The deTour creative festival that’s happening at PMQ in Central from December 1st to 10th this year.

It is a curated arts festival showcasing diverse genre and formats of design installations, moving images that includes talks and workshops.

The theme for this year’s festival is Harmonious Chaos. This emphasises on how the creative process is sometimes incomprehensible or inexplicable but it still matters. As they say, art is everywhere around us, even in chaos. We just need to be mindful of it.

Go, have a refreshing tour with deTour as you explore the local artists’ creations and exhibits that stimulates your senses in more than one way.

About deTour

Every year deTour offers a variety of programmes, featuring innovative designs from young and emerging talents to more advanced creative professionals, to inspire creativity and foster exchange of ideas. As an important concurrent event of the Business of Design Week (BoDW) since 2004, deTour is now curated and organised by PMQ, a creative hub located in the heart of Hong Kong.