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You could be on a quick business tour with just 24 hours in your hand for exploring or you would want to discover the city at your own leisurely pace. We take you through all the best-known landmarks of the city and motivate you to take a pause, to think and experience the details of this amazing city of color and contrast.

Hopaloopers are a set of eclectic individuals who love to street hop, pub hop, restaurant hop and city hop. The aim of our website/ blog is to establish a mélange of information about the city from a range of perspectives to encourage deeper and more varied exploration. We consider promotion of small, locally-minded businesses and services too.

Despite its reputation as being an overpriced city with a concrete jungle and a bastion for all things arts and design, Hong Kong has many other inherent characteristics. It has real jungles co-existing with concrete jungles, it is a perfect east meets west cultural phenomena. It’s rich and brimming with culture, with the well-trodden center to explore, and is officially one of the busiest cities in southeast Asia. Its fascinating culture and open lifestyle are unique in this part of Asia and its creative and cultural life seem stronger, or at least more visible, than in other major cities of its kind.

Hopaloop brings to you regular updates from locals and expats on subjects ranging from food and culture to photography and art or personal interviews. We aim to facilitate any quest to get under the skin of the city a little and explore just a little bit more.

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