IRIS Your Escape

IRIS Your Escape – 7th edition – Meet the founder

  With the backdrop of the iconic IFC and the observatory wheel, overlooking the amazing Victoria Harbour, IRIS is hosting its 7th edition of health and wellness festival IRIS Your Escape in the Central Harbourfront Space, Hong Kong. Wellness-oriented festivals are a fast-growing trend and IRIS is transforming the landscape of this space in Hong Kong. Iris Your Escape embraces the celebratory nature of any festival while allowing the attendees to head home rejuvenated instead of exhausted. Gianni, the founder and director of the mothership of the event, the Hybrid Group, who is born and raised in Hong Kong, calls Iris a strong community that  has grown fast. “It started off with an event of 50 people and a couple of vendors to 1000 people on our very first planned event. This mo...

IRIS HKG 2018 Your Escape – Hong Kong’s Largest Outdoor Wellness Festival

Hong Kong witnessed a unique escapade that emphasised on health and wellbeing on March 3rd and 4th. IRIS HKG 2018 Your Escape – Hong Kong’s Largest Outdoor Wellness Festival was organised last weekend and it was an absolute eye-opener for the first-timers. The festival was all about creating awareness and engaging the participants to consciously connect with themselves and with others on a deeper level. The festival presented the best of both worlds – the physical and the emotional wellbeing aspects of living. The 6 zones of the IRIS HKG Festival – March 2018: Mainstage The West Kowloon Cultural District Nursery Park was transformed into a wholesome, soulful destination where thousands of people participated. Many came in with yoga mats rolled up, to experience the ...

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