Top 5 Hong Kong’s off-beaten places to visit – Hopaloop

A list that can beat a “top-10-things-to-do-in-Hong-Kong” This city is one of the most dazzlingly energetic places in the world complemented by the most serene of country parks and nature trails. Here are five of Hong Kong’s off-beaten places to visit from Hopaloop. Sheung Wan Right next to the hustle bustle of Central lies its perfect antidote called Sheung Wan. It is a booming location in Hong Kong that is a living relic with its vivid mix of East and West. It is a melange of cultures in one friendly neighborhood. From chic cafes to art galleries, hidden bars to antiques and all kinds of unusually exhilarating combination of shops are nestled down under a contrasting colonial Vs modern  architecture. The oldest standing Western Market shows the cultural disposition that...

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