RISEConf – Bridging Gaps with Technology

RISEConf – Bridging Gaps with Technology The business environment is facing a huge challenge in finding viable business cases for startups to thrive and there is a pressing need to have exceptional technology for the investors to believe in those startups. On the other hand, with the tech cold war looming in, it is quite evident that China’s domination on areas like 5G networking will be formidable. Recently, there is a trend of tech companies looking out for their own interests. Investors from South East Asia are not too comfortable with China. The skill sets and the ecosystem don’t meet the expectations while they look for Hong Kong as an alternative. In Hong Kong, however, Prop-tech and Fin tech are soaring new heights. Brokers and Real Estate investors are in for any ...

RISE 2019 Hong Kong – How Six Degrees of Separation Comes True Here

RISE 2019 Hong Kong – How Six Degrees of Separation Comes True Here RISE is recognized as one of the biggest tech conferences in this part of the world and thanks to its ingenuity year in and year out, it always emerges as the best. Why should you attend? Starting things up You can see young startups rising from grassroots to glory at ALPHA and tuning in to their dream destination where they meet thousands of potential investors and leads. The PITCH competition is another noteworthy and customary event that lets our attention shift towards the future rather than on the tech cold war that’s happening. Meet the coolest people Apart from the ocean of opportunities to network, RISE gives you a platform to have a conversation with some of the coolest people in tech! You get to hear Marco ...

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